Mechanical Engineering

Engineering from 3D Models

Seamless translation from the design process into the mechanical engineering process helps save our clients time and cost.

We gain fresh insights through comprehensive research that can greatly impact the product development process

3D Modeling

  • Solidworks
  • ProEngineer / Wildfire
  • Rhinoceros

Finite Element Analysis

The ability to evaluate if a design concept will hold up under the stresses and tolerances early in the process reduces wasted time by minimizing redo cycles.

Manufacturing Drawings

Our mechanical engineering team can provide and/or assist with the preparation of manufacturing drawings for our clients.

Materials Specifications

Our engineers, industrial designers, factory engineers, fabricators, and materials suppliers, can assist in researching and specifying the materials with the appropriate properties for our clients.

Instruction Manuals

We have the ability to assist our customers with drafting instruction manuals.