Once the product design parameters have been established, we begin the design process and unleash the creative team. Through a series of brainstorming sessions the creative, engineering, and marketing teams begin documenting ideas and exploring opportunities.

Once the strategy and direction has been established, we begin the design process.

2D Ideation Sketches

Getting It on Paper...

Quick hand sketches can allow an idea to evolve quite rapidly. Clients are able to evaluate variations and features and get involved in the earliest stages to shape the product. The visuals provide a strong foundation to discuss the validity of ideas and help our clients envision what is possible.

Validation Mock Ups

The sketches and ideas look good.

But what would it be like using it? We can help with that in a down and dirty way… Quick mockups that sometimes aren’t the prettiest things to look at can assist our clients in understanding just how that concept would work. We can answer questions like; will it fit? Would it work? How would it feel?

Human Factors

Looks Great! But Will It Actually Work?

Sometimes a problem is resolved that meets a manufacturing, engineering, or costing need, but the human factor is overlooked… It happens all the time. If consumers can’t use the product effectively, they won’t enjoy or get the most out of their experience with your product. Truly understanding who is using your product and how they are using it is critical.

A solid understanding of how people interact with products is essential.

3D CAD Renderings

Images with realistic colors and textures allow our clients to evaluate designs easier. Using cutting edge rendering software, we can generate photorealistic images of designs and assign colors, textures, materials, and graphics with photorealist clarity. Images so real, you could touch them.