Asian Sourcing

Always on Time, Always on Spec

We are connected to a diverse and strong manufacturing network of factories throughout Asia. This manufacturing base has been formed over 18 years of sourcing products for numerous customers across a wide range of categories. This allows us to provide exceptional manufacturing capabilities to our customers and the ability to introduce new processes and materials into new markets quicker.

You send us your request - this can be a drawing, a physical sample, an image of something similar, or even a link of a product you have found on a web search. You may already have an idea of the specifications of the product. We will then source from multiple factories and obtain quotes. After discussion about the quotes, we can then go about getting samples of the exact product / component or something similar or something totally different that is an alternative but will provide the same functionality or requirement. After seeing samples, you will have an idea of the manufacturing quality, and it can also be the basis to make a similar product or modification.

Vialink has extensive experience in global sourcing having helped dozens of clients in the US, Western Europe and Asia define and implement a global procurement strategy. Our resources in China provide accelerated turnkey solutions for clients looking for alternative low-cost supply.

What We’ve Learned

Despite the number of companies sourcing overseas, it’s not an easy process, nor guaranteed. A successful Asian Procurement Process must have local representation, in-country staff to conduct ongoing due diligence and negotiating must be locals vs. locals, not locals vs. westerners. Relationships with local government officials are critical. Ongoing quality audits from prototype to production, filters (criteria for suppliers), quality, price, CAD/CAM capabilities, location, language (e.g., English speaking), logistics, certified for export, equipment and process inspection are all key. Companies also should be careful of websites and qualify their vendors first before sharing their data.